Manufacturer & Exporter of Cables, Wires & PVC Conduct Pipes.
Manufacturer & Exporter of Cables, Wires & PVC Conduct Pipes. Manufacturer & Exporter of Cables, Wires & PVC Conduct Pipes.
Manufacturer & Exporter of Cables, Wires & PVC Conduct Pipes.
An ISO 9002 Company Kalinga, Established in 1975 are manufacturers & exporters of quality Cables & Wires.
Manufacturer & Exporter of Cables, Wires & PVC Conduct Pipes. Manufacturer & Exporter of Cables, Wires & PVC Conduct Pipes.
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Manufacturer & Exporter of Cables, Wires & PVC Conduct Pipes.
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total customer satisfaction through our products
Aerial Bunch Cables
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Due to quick revolunary growth in various industries in India, people have started migrating in industrial cities/towns as a result, cities get thickly populated, and even narrow streets are getting congested.

The only solutions to distribute power in such areas, the system called ABC have been now widely adopted all over the world, specially in thickly populated areas and Narrow Street. In the ABC system, the insulated aluminium conductors (3 or 4) in numbers, as required on formation can be used in phase conductor as per the specific requirement of site - solution, which twisted around high strength aluminum alloy /ACSR bare/insulated wire, which carries the main weight and also serve as earth cum neutral wire even streetlight phase can be combines in such formation: As such phase and street light conductors are not under tension:

The system is very safe and more or less maintenance free and faults are practically eliminated. More over more power connections can be given from one ABC. Cost of poles, hardware for overhead conductors & construction cost can be reduced, and way-leave-clearance problems can be eliminated due to ABC system, Even theft problem of electric power can be minimized by use of ABC system. As such it also increase the life of precious equipment like transformer and other allied equipments. Problem of clearance in narrow streets also gets minimized. M/s Kalinga Wires & Cables has a infrastructure facility for manufacturing of all type of ABC for coping up any requirement of customers. In this manual we have tried to cover all salient technical features of ABC, which will enhance and encourage implementation of ABC system in distribution network from safety point of view.

Kalinga Wires & Cables

Aerial Bunch Cables For Lt Lines

In the ABC system, the insulated conductors (3 or 4 numbers as required) are twisted around a high strength Aluminium Alloy bare wire, which carries the main weight and also serves as the earth -cum- neutral wire. The bare wire (messenger) may be bare or insulated. The phase conductors are not under tension. The system is very safe and LT faults are practically eliminated consequently, interruptions of supply are minimized and the life of transformers is considerably increased, as these are not subjected to frequent fault as happens with the bear conductors. The problem of tree clearance is also minimized.

ABC Cable constructions is generally and popularly convenient for catering LT power to more number of consumers without any to clumsier requirement of hardware and as such voltage problems are also reduced to notable extent. The phase and street lighting conductors shall be insulated with black weather resistant polyethylene/XLPE suitable for 1100-volt insulation. Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) insulation with colour requirement is also opted by many countries. Due to elimination of insulators and associated hardwares, ABC system is more convenient as compared to overhead LT lines system as conventional electrical requirement of feeding power to LT consumer is fulfilled in better way.


The Phase & Street lightening Conductors shall be insulated with Black weather resistant XLPE Insulation 1100V grade. The insulated phase conductors (with additional street lighting conductor, if provided) shall be twisted around the bare aluminium alloy messenger wire, which shall take all the mechanical stress. The messenger wire shall also serve as the earth -cum neutral wire.

Advantage (Abc System)
1. Scope

Type of insulation Normal Continuous Operation Short Circuit Operation
Polyethylene 700C 1600C
Cross linked Polyethylene 900C 2500C

2. Aplicable Standards
The rated voltage of the cable shall be 1100volts. Unless otherwise stipulated in this specification, the following standards applicable.
3. Terminology
For the purpose of this standard the following definition to those given in IS 1885 (Part 32) : 1993 shall apply.

3.1 Routine Tests
Test made by the manufacturers on all finished cable lengths to Demonstrate the integrity of the cables.

3.2 Type Tests
Tests required to be made before supply on a general commercial basis on a type of cable in order to demonstrate satisfactory performance characteristics to meet the intended application.

Note : These tests are of such a nature that after they have been made, they need not be repeated unless changes are made in the cable materials of design, which might change the performance characteristics.

3.3 Acceptance Tests
Test carried our on samples taken from a lot for the purpose of acceptance of the lot.

3.4 Optional Tests
Special test to be carried out, when required by agreement between the Purchaser and the supplier.

3.5 Earthed System
All electric system, which fulfills any of the following conditions :
3.6 Unearthed System
An electric system which does not fulfill the requirements of earthed (see 3.5(a), (b), (c).


4. Conductor

Table 1 Size And Requirement Of Messenger Conductor
(Clause 4.5)
Sr. No. Nominal Cross Sectional Area of Phase Messenger Conductor
Nominal Cross Sectional Area Maximum D.C Resistance at 200C Minimum Breaking Load
mm2 mm2 Ohm/km KN
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
i) 16 25 1.38 7
ii) 25 25 1.38 7
iii) 35 25 1.38 7
iv) 50 35 0.986 9.8
v) 70 50 0.689 14
vi) 95 70 0.492 19.7

4.7 Core Indentification
The phase conductors shall be provided with one, two or three 'ridges' and outer neutral insulated conductor, if provided, shall have four'ridges' as shown in Fig. I for quick identification. The street lighting conductor and messenger conductor (if insulated) shall not have any identification mark. Identification by other means, as agreed between the supplier and purchaser, is also permissible.

4.8 Assemby (Laying Up)
Three insulated phase conductors, one insulated neutral conductor (if required) and a street lighting conductor (if required) shall be twisted around the bare (or insulated) as required messenger conductor without fillers with a lay not exceeding 35 times the diameter of the diameter of the insulated phase conductor. The direction of lay shall be right hand.

Phase Conductor & Neutral Conductor

4.9 Phase/Street Lighting Conductor
The conductor shall be of H2 or H4 grade aluminium complying with the Requirements of IS 8130 : 1984

Phase Conductor
Nominal sectional area (mm2) No. of strands Max. D.C. resistance at 200C Insulation Thickness (mm)
16 7 1.91 1.2
25 7 1.2 1.2
35 7 0.868 1.2
50 7 0.641 1.5
70 19 0.443 1.5
95 19 0.32 1.5

Note: - The resistance value given in Col. 3 are the max, permissible.

4.10 Messenger (Neutral Conductor or Otherwise)
The conductor shall be heat- treated aluminium magnesium-silicon alloy wires containing approximate 0.5% magnesium and approximately 0.5% silicon conforming to IS 398 (Part-4): 1979.
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